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You wrote to me asking for a review, adding that the answer you received did not demonstrate that the program was other than biased. You cited as examples the program to acknowledge that it used the RBRC program that it sends their alkaline batteries to landfill instead of the process that was promoted in the TV segment that you were asked same question at least 5 times that tonality of Erica Johnson was mocking when she said Antler is still here that the program did not use footage of you driving away from the store because you were driving a 1995 model car something flashier and more expensive that would allow the story to relay that this program is being managed by rich budgets and salaries. And you repeated your complaint about an alleged failure to question the integrity of the Environment Canada study, saying that there are other programs and these totals do not show up in the recycling calculations..

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Then strike out from Pulteney Weir across Pulteney Bridge (popping into the odd boutique shop along the way, such as Found, for funky homeware, and The Antique Map Shop) to the Holburne Museum (Great Pulteney Street; 01225 388569), which backs onto Sydney Gardens. The museum houses old masters, porcelain and ornaments. Temporary exhibitions include one that features Rodin’s The Thinker (until January 27) and another on works of Gainsborough influenced by the theatre (until January 20)..

Isn’t that the best reason already? There is plenty of research showing that a positive attitude and outlook on life strengthens our immune system. On the other hand, negative thinking weakens it. The great news is that we can decide which way of thinking to choose, because happiness is an inside job that starts in our head.

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