These demands were accepted in the Madras convention of Congress in December 1927 and it was called the Delhi Proposal. These four demands were in this way –

1- A separate electoral system should be arranged by ending the separate election system, in which some seats should be reserved for the Muslims.
2- In the Central Legislature, the Muslims Reserve one-third place for reservation.

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Planets and important facts of the solar system:

How many planets are there in the solar system = 8
What is the body that revolves around the sun? = What is called the planet that revolves around a planet = satellite = planetary motion Know who put it = Kepler
in space How many stars are in total? 89 Which is the largest planet in the solar system = Jupiter
Who is the creator of the solar system? = Which planets revolve around the Sun clockwise = Venus and Arun

The Sun -C is the ball of gas = hydrogen and helium – what is called the middle part of the sun = the light board
Which country does the sun appear at night?Norway – What is the distance of the planet from the Sun? = Upsource = How much is the temperature of the Sun’s surface = 6000 C? What is the midnight sun in the sun? = In the Arctic region
What is the percentage of hydrogen in the chemical organization of the sun = 71%
Which planet is closest to the Sun = Mercury? Mercury planet takes time to rotate the Sun = 88 days
Sun Which planet is the most distant from = Varuna
Which planets whose There are no abilities = Mercury and Venus – Which planet determines the rotation of the Sun in the shortest time = Mercury? Which planet is called the sister of the Earth = Venus – The red-looking planet in the night = Mars = Which creatures live on the planet = Earth? Who is the satellite of the Earth? = Moon
How many days in the earth on its axis = 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 seconds
Earth What is the blue planet called – due to the presence of water – which of the nights? Paradise is called a fossil planet = what is the moon = moon = how much part of the moon can be seen from the Earth = 57%
Which is the largest day in the Northern Hemisphere = 21 June < br> What date is equal to day-to-day = March 22 and September 23 – How much is the sun time to keep energy from the sun = 1011 years? Which is the largest volcano in the Solar System = olympus messi? > When did the discovery of the planet Arun = 1781 by the Sun What is called Parikrama = Solar year / Earth is the reason for seasonal change = due to leaning on the axis – when the recognition of Pluto Planet was abolished = 24th August, 2006
Moon Earth’s How long does a orbiter take place = 27 days 8 hr? – Which is the most influenced in the state of tide reflux = Jupiter reflux of the moon is due to which due to the center and the force of attraction of sun and moon
lunar eclipse when = When is the sun eclipse – when does the solar eclipse occur? = What is the celestial body called ‘queen of the night’? = Moon which can be seen by the naked eyes = Saturn
Who discovered Uranus = Herschel

What planet is called the “God of Beauty” = Venus is the planet when the earth is far from the sun = 4th of July
Earth Sun OfWhen is the closest it is = 3 Jan
Earth in which direction revolves on its axis = What is the reason for the night and day being = from west to east? = Earth walking on its axis
Geo Room What is the inclination of the geocentric at the bottom = 66 1/2
Sun is the center of the solar system and the earth revolves around the sun, first of all who know it = Copernicus
First of all, who is the radius of the Earth Measure = eratocyanase
earth’s Which planet is the probability of life on the planet? Jupiter discovered the planet by which scientist = Galileo
Which planet radiates green light = Varuna
Where is ‘sea of ??tranquility’ located? = On the Moon, it takes a lot of time for the light of the moon to reach the Earth – less than = 2 seconds – Which celestial body is called ‘earth progeny’ = moon? 76 years
Mangal and Jupiter What are the objects that orbiting the Sun in the middle of the planets? – Asteroids – What part of the Sun appears at the time of complete solar eclipse = the maximum number of eclipses in a calendar year = 7
The average distance between the Earth and the Sun is approximately = 14,96,00,000 kilometers or 9,29,60,000 miles.
What is the radiant surface of the Sun? = The light board / Sun’s diameter Earth How much is the diameter of diameter = 110 times almost
According to the car, what is the decreasing sequence of planets = Jupiter, Saturn, Arun, Varun, Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury – how much time does the Jupiter Planets make orbit in the Sun Fake Designer Bags.