Birds of a Feather Costume Tutorial

For Halloween a few years ago I made uk canada goose outlet a flamingo costume for myself and a parrot costume for my best friend. With Halloween just around the corner once more, here is a tutorial to get the bird costume inspiration flying!After canadian goose jacket looking at Canada Goose sale photos of flamingos I decided buy canada goose jacket to use a light pink as my main color plus a darker pink, red, and white for the other feathers. For the parrot costume, I looked at photos of scarlet macaws which helped me to choose colors and see the placement of those colors on the wings.

At canada goose uk black friday this point, you can also read about your canada goose uk outlet bird for added costume uk canada goose enjoyment! Learn about where your bird is from, what it eats, canada goose clearance and how it behaves canada goose uk shop in its’ natural environment so that you can truly get Canada Goose Outlet into character once you’re all dressed canada goose coats on sale up!

Choose your fabric!

The edges of the feathers and wings are left unfinished, so try to pick something that won’t fray too much. When looking at canada goose fabric, imagine how it will look as a finished wing. You will probably want something that moves, flows, and flaps nicely. Also, try not to choose anything too heavy since you will Canada Goose Coats On Sale be sewing many layers of feathers to each wing. You will be creating two separate wing canada goose clearance sale bases, one for each arm, both in the basic shape of a right triangle as shown in the Canada Goose Outlet photo.

In order to cut out your two wing Canada Goose online base triangles, you will have to take some measurements:

Hold your arm out like you are flying and have a friend measure from the middle of your shoulder blades out to Canada Goose Jackets your wrist. This will be Canada Goose Online the top edge of the triangle (A).

Have your friend measure from the same spot between your shoulder blades down the middle of your back to the desired length for your wings. This will be the side canada goose store edge of the triangle (B).

For the hypotenuse of the triangle, (C), Canada Goose Parka I used a curved edge connecting the ends of (A) and (B), however you can make this line straight if you wish.

Now mark your triangle measurements onto canada goose factory sale your fabric and cut out your two base wing triangles. As a canada goose coats flamingo my main color was light pink, so I used pink fabric for my base wing triangles.

To buy canada goose jacket cheap make the process of wing construction faster, the feathers are created in sets that are double layered. For my original costumes I used sets of four feathers canada goose black friday sale in a row, which I will also use in this tutorial, but once you have the basic idea, you can change it around any way you would like for your wings. To cut even feathers of uniform size, we are going to create a paper feather template. Take cheap Canada Goose two pieces of paper of cheap canada goose uk equal size (here I am using standard 8.5”x11” printer paper) and cut one in half, hot dog style as shown in the photo.