10 Things Only Country Music Fans Will Understand

Country music. You either love it, or you hate it. A bit like Marmite. Country music dates back to thousands of years, taking its roots from American folk music and Western music. You can still hear these influences in some artists today, however others have tried to ‘popify’ it (not mentioning any names). If you listen to the Canada Goose sale likes canada goose clearance sale of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks you know that their music comes from a place deep down in their soul unlike any other music genre. True feelings and emotions are portrayed, giving you an understanding into buy canada goose jacket the singer’s Canada Goose Coats On Sale life and background. It’s pretty powerful stuff! Here canada goose uk outlet are some more reasons why Country music rocks!

There sure is nothing more handsome then buy canada goose jacket cheap a guy in a Stetson and cowboy boots, right? Most of the canada goose factory sale male country singers are Canada Goose Parka drop dead gorgeous, all baring that sweet canada goose southern charm but not all of them are your stereotypical cowboys, Canada Goose Outlet oh no. Take Darius Rucker for an example. I first came across him at the ‘Country 2 Country’ concert a few years back and was totally blown away. There he uk canada goose was, in jeans, a t shirt and a baseball cap and sounding just divine. I’m trying to Canada Goose Online persuade Wayne canada goose clearance to dress up as a Cow boy for mewe shall see!

I’m constantly seeing on my various feeds, what amazing things country singers are uk canada goose outlet doing for their community. Miranda Lambert and her mother Bev Canada Goose online founded ‘Muttnation Foundation’ in 2007 with the aim “to end animal cruelty, neglect, and homelessness”. How wonderful is that? Just recently Canada Goose Outlet Darius Rucker took to the golf course in aid of raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. Gives you canadian goose jacket goose canada goose uk shop bumps doesn’t it? To know that singers actually do care and want to help their community makes you want to support them even more.

Don’t think that sexy songs are just exclusive cheap canada goose uk to pop rock (and the new 50 Shades of Grey film) oh no. There are some https://www.canadagoosejacketsaleca.com incredibly sexy country songs out there. You have the more subdued and subtle ones, for example Faith Hill’s ‘Breathe’, Josh Turner’s ‘Be Your Man’ to full blown obvious like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw ‘Let’s Make Love’ and Keith Urban’s ‘Somewhere In My Car’. Now this track is sexy. Look at the lyrics: “I never will forget, you grabbed my shirt and canada goose coats pulled it over my head, fingertips slide up and down my back, breathin’ hard, steamin’ up the glass.” Canada Goose Jackets Do I need to say anymore?

There are a lot of country singers out there who are constantly trying to see what rules they can break with regards cheap Canada Goose to music. But are there any rules? The Dixie Chicks famously brought out a song called ‘Travelin’ Soldier’ which criticised President Bush. It actually reached No’ 1 but was then banned along with every other song they did. Just recently, canada goose black friday sale Carrie Underwood canada goose coats on sale received some backlash with her new song ‘Something in the Water’. Mark Bright, her producer, and Carrie “chose to make the song themed after a person whose life changes after baptism.” This caused quite a stir among atheists but why should she care? Surly country music listeners know canada goose store that the main ethos behind the country music genre is Christianity? Long may they continue canada goose uk black friday breaking down barriers.