Do Australians want Papua New Guinea to fail

TUMBY BAY We humans tend to form many of our opinions based on what we cheap jordans trainers read, hear and watch in the media. Sometimes we jordan shoes for sale cheap even adopt what we cheap believe directly from the media, whether knowingly or cheap jordan sneakers for men unknowingly.Or, quite often, it tries to convert the audience on behalf of the special interests (like governments or advertisers) that provide it with influence or money.This makes the problem of presenting a balanced and unbiased view particularly difficult. Even our public broadcasters struggle with this dilemma as they seek a middle road between many conflicting views and pressures.So what exactly is it that the public craves in its media? The short answer is ‘a good story’. And very often ‘a good story’ for people is essentially negative.Conservatives feed on negative reports about progressives and progressives love negative reports about conservatives.Supporters love good news about their side; opponents are joyful about bad news about the other side.Why do you think our media are full of cheap jordan shoes for sale free shipping stories about crime, accidents, dreadful diseases, political scandals and such awfulness? Because that’s what very many people prefer to read.Audiences tend to find tedious anything that falls outside cheap jordans 2016 such subjects. Perhaps because so many people’s lives are less than perfect; they find comfort cheap jordans wholesale china in hearing about lives that are even worse than their own.At the same time, people are particularly sceptical about anything given a positive bias (‘spin’). Except where their sporting team won or the government gave them a tax break or a wantok scored big in the lottery.Of course, governments and businesses seek to ensure good news about themselves makes it into the media. Partly this is because they like reading good news about themselves cheap cheap jordans but often it is to hide bad news or distract readers from it.In Papua New Guinea, reporting by the two major national newspapers has adopted a formula where, because of various motives, they will mostly give the government and business a big chunk of positive spin.But there’s a downside. For every positive story they publish about the current government, full of spin and not cheap jordans mens size 9 addressing the real issues, they lose credibility with cheap air jordans 8 many readers.People don’t want to hear about how well the government is performing, they want to hear how it is really performing. And reality for most cheap jordan tours people is what they are experiencing in their lives. Try to tell a poor man that he lives in the best country in the world.This phenomenon of ‘bad very cheap jordans news is good cheap jordans amazon news’ is reflected in the way the Australian media reports on Papua New Guinea.Australian audiences not only expect that stories coming out of Papua New Guinea will be bad but almost require them to be so before they will take any notice.Stories about the appalling corruption and mismanagement of the O’Neill government feeds directly into this need. From the Australian media’s point of view, the excesses and stuff ups of the O’Neill government provides excellent copy.If Papua New Guinea ever has an honest and progressive prime minister you can cheap jordans online china bet his or her coverage in the Australian media very cheap jordans shoes will be minimal.The same dynamic also applies to international audiences. That’s why stories cheap jordans shoes for sale online about sorcery, cannibalism, tribal warfare and the cheap jordans australia dangers of Papua New Guinea do so well. The only exception is the occasional story about some bizarre exotica generally involving photographs of cheap authentic jordan shoes semi naked men in bilas and bare breasted women.Some Papua New Guineans think that many Australians actually want Papua New Guinea to fail as a nation.A few commentators in Papua New Guinea have recently expressed this view, notably Governor Gary Juffa of Oro Province. Before him politicians like Iambakey Okuk and cheap jordans 50 dollars even Michael Somare made similar comments.Sadly however, as expressed so many times on cheap jordan tracksuits PNG Attitude, most Australians, including its politicians, don’t care whether Papua New Guinea succeeds or fails. Strangely cheap jordans china , as a nation sitting on its doorstep which is more and more beguiled by China, it is entirely irrelevant to them.

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