Building an envelope

Environmental Technology developed the design of two Entech products external sunshades and internal luminaire units for the new RAC Regional Control Centre, Bristol, by Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners. The external sunshades running around the building at two levels, moncler uomo consist of curved and faceted aluminium aerofoil moncler saldi uomo nosings mounted on a suspended substructure. The specially moncler saldi outlet constructed grilles screen horizontal sunlight and provide walkways for cleaning and maintenance of the external glazing at both levels. The assemblies were suspended on a tensioned system of stainless steel cables and mounting plates.McCalls Special Products provided Guy Linking stainless steel bars and cables for secondary bracing, atrium roof truss ties, bridge support bracing, ductwork hangers and suspending external walkways. Macalloy 460 ties and moncler bambino outlet fittings were used in the tower.Environmental Technology, Entech House, London Road, Woolmer Green, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, UK 44 (0)1438 812812. Fax: 44(0)1438 814224McCalls Special Products, moncler outlet online shop PO Box 71, Hawke St Sheffield, England 44 (0) 114 242 6704 Fax: 44 (0) 114 243 moncler outlet serravalle 1324Sto is a well known German manufacturer of protective wall coatings of various kinds, stucco, moncler outlet paints in glorious moncler saldi colours and plasters. The company is international, with a network of subsidiaries, branch offices, plants, warehouses and research laboratories around the world; and a reputation for innovation. The latest innovation is its own cladding system, presented in the spectacular form of a new regional depot the Sto Branch, by Michael Wilford Partners near Hamburg on the well founded principle that this would be its best advertisement. The scheme consists of a warehouse, a barrel vaulted office building and a training pavilion, each of which has a structural steel frame and external walls of the new cladding panel system, with panels being a composed of layers of insulation, stucco and weatherproofing. Wilford’s geometric play with form and surface is emphasised by a glorious use of Sto colour. Outside is the Modernist brilliance of red, yellow, blue and white; inside, the definition of space by coloured planes pink, yellow, green, purple is extraordinary, and strongly reminiscent of Barragan.Sto, Ehrenbachstrasse 1, D 79780 Stuhlingen, Germany. 49 7744 57 0. Fax: 49 (0)7744 57 2178Josef Gartner, a specialist in the design and manufacture of high quality curtain walling, windows, claddings and architectural metalwork, was responsible for the glass entrance of the Bayerische Landesbank in Luxemburg, designed by the Munich practice of Wilhelm Kucker, with Klaus Freudenfeld. Glazed entrance piumini moncler outlet walls form an integrated facade, composed of Gartner’s system with a vented polygonal glazed steel roof.Josef Gartner Co, Gundelfingen, Germany 49 9073 84 2203 Fax: 49 9073 84 2120The entrance pavilion of the new Broadfield House Glass Museum moncler bambino saldi (see page 24) is glazed with Saint Gobain’s clear Cool Lite K Neutral KN 169 and moncler donna Screen Lite glass. Designed by Design Antenna in conjunction with Dewhurst MacFarlane and Partners, the pavilion is believed to be the largest glass structure of its kind yet built. Toughened Cool Lite was used for the outer pane of double glazed units for walls and roof, with 10mm glass being used in piumini moncler scontatissimi the roof, and 8mm in the walls. Vertical glazing allows only 59 per cent of solar energy to enter the building, while letting in 61 per cent of natural daylight. Screen Lite, fritted with white ceramic bars, was specified for the inner of the two laminated panes in roof units, so that the whole roof acts as a solar reflector, reducing entry of solar energy moncler bambino saldi to less than 37 per cent. The Cool Lite glass was produced piumini moncler by the company’s subsidiary, Sas Glas, in Holland, but subsequent processing was carried out in the UK by the Saint Gobain’s company, Solaglas.Saint piumini moncler uomo Gobain Glass UK, 19 Dunraven Street, Park Lane, London W1 44 (0)171 409 0017 Fax: 44 (0) 171 499 6269The Design Centre at Linz, Germany, designed by Herzog Partner (AR May 94), outlet moncler is a low slung, barrel vaulted structure that dominates its featureless surroundings. The primary steel structure consists of 34 arches with a protective oversailing canopy grafted on to the structural steelwork. The moncler outlet trebaseleghe whole vault works as a piumini moncler saldi single system that admits daylight while deflecting solar energy. Three different types of glass have been used in its composition.Seele supplied the rilled. opaque and thermally insulating glass system that makes up the main part of the structure. Each panel is composed of two insulating glass sheets enclosing a 16mm thick retro reflecting grid screen coated on one side with aluminium. While indirect light passes through the screen, direct light is deflected.Seele, Gutenbergstrasse 19, D 86368 Gersthofen, Germany 49 821 2494 0 Fax: 49821 2494 100Siemens, AS 1 4 V414, Ohmstrasse 50, 83296 Traunreut, Germany 49 (0)8669 33 429 Fax: 49 (0)8669 33 684MBM (Metalbau Mockmuhl) works with architects on the fabrication of special components moncler outlet online uomo of the architectural envelope. The firm was responsible for supplying the revolving door, minimally contrived in slender glass and steel, and set into the glass facade of the Hotel Kempinski, designed by the Chicago practice, Murphy Jahn for Munich Airport. The building contains shops arranged on several levels off an internal street that winds its way up and around a numinous atrium. It is enclosed by a multifaceted and layered envelope of metal and glass beneath an arched and cantilevered roof, whose transparency and colour changes with the light, both natural and artificial. This mutable skin also responds to the noise of the street, for specially designed computers transform acoustic signals into a changing spectacle of light.Metalbau Mockmuhl, Postfach 1149, 74215 Mockmuhl, Germany 49 62 98 38 0 Fax: 49 62 98 38 13The Bauwens Haus in the conservation area of Leipzig was designed by Henrich Petschnigg and Partners. While making reference moncleroutlet-i to the previous occupant of the site damaged during the war and later torn down the architects have acknowledged modernity in the form of a transparent light filled hall of filigreed steel and glass. The structure, manufactured by Seele, faces on to the street and encloses an interior courtyard that acts as a public space.

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