MCMC’s Love, for example, blends “topnotes of Japaneze yuzu citrus, French sweet basil, and Chinese magnolia oil” with “the burning intensity of ancient templewood and gunpowder.” Love holdsmy attention longer than most mainstream citrus scents, since its juicy, pulpyyuzu is paired with the slightly anisic note of freshly crushed basil leaves. There’s a light sandalwood in the base, but nothing as pungent or acrid as actual gunpowder. The green and woody notes must work well to prolong the citrus, sinceLove has good staying power for a fruit based scent.

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How to raise blackheads? ================== – Prevention and Cleansing of blackheads at home: Eat lots of fruits rich in vitamin C, E, Eating Products to increase zinc acne Sleep well enough and keep up the positive spirit
Do not use floating cosmetics, chemicals on the face
CLEAN UP by 1 week / Wash daily to clear pores and tighten. ====================
-Touch 1: wash your face Warm water, dry, active serum (gel peeling) throughout – Type 2: after serum to remove acne bran, we use herbal gel, Gentle to remove stubborn root disease and old cells.

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