Gwyneth 2.0

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Photo: Twitter/@GwynethPaltrow Gwyneth Paltrow’s been all over the place latelyin the kitchen with her cookbook, on stage at the Grammy’s, belting out lyrics on Glee , and in the Coach offices with Reed Krakoff. The one place she’s been surprisingly absent? The Twittershpere, until today that is. Gwyneth’s decided to join her other celebrity friends on Twitter this afternoon and within hours of her account set up and first tweet, she’s reached 30,000 followers.We aren’t surprised that the GOOP girl’s gotten into the Tweeting game, but it’s kind of surprising it took her this long.Gwyneth’s first Tweet offers a video announcing that she’s, “trying to join in the 21st century.” Considering the girl’s got about a million things to say , or promote rather, we’d guess Twitter’s the perfect platform. Whether she wants to share recipes, snap photos of her enviable daily wardrobe, post clips from her possible new album, or give us sneak peeks at her new Coach ads, there’s no doubt that @GwynethPaltrow will become one of the most followed handles on Twitter.

Gwyneth 2.0

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