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Hey thanks for responding! I liked reading through your different perspective. Obviously I don think there are any right or wrong answers or thoughts here (the thread does have philosophical in the title after all), but I wanted to add in a bit more color moncler womens jackets to maybe counter some of your counter points. Just meant to be fun discussion, so please don take any of this as a personal attack.

I don think it moncler outlet online does. It really only assumes we could simulate entities that pass as conscious, and simulate moncler outlet prices a surrounding environment that they believes is reality. Imagine if the characters in The Sims had the same level of consciousness as us (meaning a human could not tell them apart from another human when interacting with them), but had no idea the outside world existed. The game they live in is not perfectly based on the world we cheap moncler jackets mens live in, but that doesn matter. They could still go about their lives abiding by the rules of that world and be none the wiser. I not trying to trivialize this though. At no point did I try to imply we could do this today, or even that we are close, but it certainly not impossible, and we are moving closer to that uk moncler outlet ability with every leap forward in our technology.

Second, it assumes that moncler outlet woodbury when this is possible, that it is actually done.

True, but I would (and did) argue that is a very reasonable assumption.

Finally, it assumes that each multiple is as likely as any to be true.

I not sure moncler sale online I totally understand this one, but I moncler outlet going to assume this is relating to the analogy you made at the bottom of your comment with the superheros (sorry if you meant something else!). I don moncler outlet sale think your analogy and what I was saying really line up that well. Instead can I suggest looking at diamonds. Originally, they uk moncler sale were somewhat mysterious stones that were impossible for people to make. If you were an moncler outlet online expert, or cheap moncler jackets had access to the right tools, it was always possible to be 100% sure that the rock you had was made by moncler sale the natural processes of earth. Fast forward to now. If you walk blindly into moncler usa a pawn shop and grab an engagement ring with no documentation, it decidedly more difficult, and in some cases impossible to tell if that is a rock formed naturally by the earth functions, or by a scientist in a lab. The second you create the ability to replicate something convincingly enough that they are indistinguishable from the original, you add uncertainty within every single entity as to which is original and which is synthetic. discount moncler jackets In this case, we are talking about making consciousness or living beings. If we really do end up doing that convincingly enough we will have inherently cast massive doubt on weather we ourselves are the product of the same process.

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I worked at good old TGIF for two years, during my sophomore and junior year of college. Now this place, https://www.monclerdownjacket.biz holds a special place in my heart. From roaches coming out of the soda machine to having a part of kids run out on a $200 bill. However, the reason why I quit just shows how little management actually cares in these places. One night I had been ( restaurant lingo that means you can go home) when a party of 27 walks in. My manager basically told the host I would be taking them as I was cheap moncler jackets womens the only server who could handle a party this big on my own. The party sits and immediately one man orders a round of patron shots for the table. Then another, all while other people are getting mixed drinks as well. As I rushing around trying to handle 27 different drinks, they all decide they want entrees. During this whole ordeal, multiple men made comments about my cheap moncler sale body, and a few were telling me they could be my daddy if I wanted. When they finally, FINALLY, decide to leave around midnight, their total bill was well over $600. As the main guy was counting out his cash, he pulled a bag of cocaine out of his pocket and put it in my face, saying he could change my world. This is when multiple men started to surround me, all while i looking around for my manager for any type of help. After politely declining multiple times, they decided to leave. The minute they walked out I marched over to my manager and told him to call the cops, to which he refused. I explained everything and he still would not phone the police. Fuming I went back to my manager, in tears, and expressed my frustrations. He said there was nothing he could do, and so I quit. I told him I wouldn be showing up for the rest of my shifts. After I blocked him, and everyone else from that place, I never looked back.

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I was playing volleyball with a moncler outlet store group of my friends a few years back. One of the guys who is just an acquaintance of mine was known for being unreasonably angry. Throughout the whole game he’s being a total dick to everyone, yelling and screaming, citing the rules and saying everyone is breaking them. best moncler jackets Eventually we all had enough so we just unanimously kept egging him on and acting dumb on purpose to fluster him. At one point he gets so mad that he got on both his knees and started screaming, while he does this a lone pigeon swoops by and takes a shit on his face. The rest of us laughed about it for weeks

Well, sorta. The actual moncler sale outlet plot was that the universe was shrinking as it collapsed, but as we were shrinking proportionally we didn notice. Then some bright character figures out that wavelengths of light don shrink, and uses that fact to. more plot happens, etc.

However, at the end of the story, the universe is getting smaller than wavelengths of visible light, and those moncler uk outlet colors just stop appearing one by one, as the spectrum gets chopped off. Ends with humanity just scared, in the cheap moncler coats mens dark, waiting for the end.