Hillary Clinton Accepts the Democratic Nomination Video

You can see the democratic national convention is over, the crews are tearing down and picking up souvenirs. Tonight a new chapter in American history. Hillary canada goose black friday sale Clinton the first female candidate of a major party to accept the nomination for the presidency. It was an emotional and fiery close to a Canada Goose online dramatic week. A party striving for unity, a canadian goose jacket candidate attempting to reframe her past and push back against her critics. The speech of a lifetime, Hillary rodham clinton, on stage alone, savoring her moment. Making her case to become commander in chief. The first woman ever to get the nomination of a major party. And so, my friends, it is with humility, determination, and boundless confidence in America’s promise that I accept canada goose coats your nomination for president of the United States! Reporter: Emotions were high in the arena. Standing here as my mother’s daughter and my daughter’s mother. I’m so happy this day has come. When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit. Reporter: She attempted to answer that burning question who is Hillary Clinton in her heart? I get it, that some people just don’t know what to make of me. So let me tell you. Reporter: She spoke fondly of her family. While the 42nd president and potential first gentleman watched on, visibly moved. Addressing her husband and their past, she went there. And, bill, that conversation we started in the law library 45 years ago, it is still going strong. You know, that conversation has lasted through good times that filled us with joy and hard times that tested us. Reporter: The historic snifrgs of Hillary’s nomination, not lost on the women of this crowd. It’s very emotional to me, because it’s also my daughter’s first election she’ll vote in. And so, she’ll vote for a woman for president, what an incredible thing. It moves you, I can tell. It gives me goose bumps. If https://www.topparka.ca fighting for affordable childcare and paid family leave is playing canada goose store the woman card, then deal me in! Reporter: But did the nominee do enough tonight to change the minds of the voters who already have such strong opinions of her? Hillary Clinton leaves Philadelphia a stronger candidate. She was asking for a fresh start and I think her party showed all of its raucous energy and its diversity in canada goose clearance a really compelling way. Reporter: President Obama. She never, ever quits. Reporter: And former president bill Clinton. She’s still the best canada goose uk shop darn change maker I have ever known. Reporter: Went to bat for Hillary Clinton earlier this week. Then it was her turn to sell herself. Alone on stage. If you believe the minimum wage should be a living wage and no one working full time should have to raise their children in poverty, join us! If you believe that every man, woman, canada goose uk and child in America has the right to affordable health care, join us! canada goose Reporter: Her speech, full of conviction, emphasizing unity as the key to America’s strength, and pushing back against her republican critics. He also talks a big game about putting America first. Well, please explain what part of America first leads him to make trump ties in China, not Colorado. Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again. Well, he could start by actually making things in America again. Reporter: Clinton mocking Donald Trump repeatedly. Imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis. A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man uk canada goose outlet we can trust with nuclear weapons! Reporter: But also focusing on the issues tonight in a speech that lasted nearly Canada Goose Online an hour. We have to heal the divides in our country, not just on guns, but on race, immigration, and more. Reporter: As an order, Hillary Clinton is not Barack Canada Goose Coats On Sale Obama, she’s not her husband, bill Clinton. And she stuck closely to the facts of her argument. Was that an effective strategy? I think she gets graded on a curve. I know this country knows me. canada goose clearance sale But I recognize that I need to communicate better, give me that chance. Hillary Clinton was introduced by her daughter Chelsea Clinton, who could be the first first daughter to have a second time around. Every cheap Canada Goose single memory I have of my mom is Canada Goose Jackets that she was always, always there Canada Goose sale for me. Reporter: Chelsea, who has two young children of her own, celebrated her mother in a way few have seen. My mom can be about to walk on stage for a debate or a speech and it just doesn’t matter. She’ll drop everything for a few minutes of blowing kisses and Reading chuga chuga Choo Choo with her granddaughter. Reporter: It’s been 24 years since Chelsea Clinton first appeared at the democratic national convention with her parents. She was only 13 when the canada goose coats on sale family moved to the white house. An awkward coming of age in the harsh glare of a global spotlight. Her parents were extremely protective. She mostly kept a low profile. But not tonight. I never And I always, always knew how deeply they cheap canada goose uk loved me. Reporter: And a direct message for her mother. canada goose uk black friday And, mom, grandma would be so, so proud of you tonight. Reporter: She represents a demographic that most ly felt the Bern. Millennial women, a group the Clinton campaign Canada Goose Parka needs to beat Donald Trump. I’ve been on the road with her since Iowa. So they brought out some celebrity millenials like Katy Perry.? You’re gonna hear me roar? Reporter: And actress Chloe grace Moretz. I’m so excited to be able to say that my first vote for president will be for Hillary Clinton. Reporter: Barely 19 years old, but feeling the magnitude of this history making election. I grew up just not knowing anything different than that a black man could be president. Now I hope my younger canada goose factory sale peers buy canada goose jacket can grow up knowing a woman can be president if uk canada goose she wants to too. Reporter: Sarah Mcbride became the first transgender person to ever address a national convention. I believe that tomorrow can be different. Canada Goose Outlet Tomorrow we can be respected and protected. Especially if Hillary Clinton is our president. I believe she will fight for things like the equality act, to make us equals.?? Reporter: The democrats four days in Philadelphia have been carefully calculated to maximize excitement.??? Reporter: But did expose a disconnect with the rest of the country. Polls show 68% of Americans think the country is headed on the wrong track. I know that at a buy canada goose jacket cheap time when so much seems to be pulling us apart, it can be hard to imagine how we’ll ever pull together. But I’m here to tell you tonight, progress is possible. Reporter: Tonight the balloons fall, spirits soar. This is the hopeful side of history. The hard and likely ugly home stretch begins in the morning. In their response tonight, the trump campaign called Clinton’s speech, quote, an insulting collection of cliches delivered from a fantasy universe.

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