She can also summon her own rats if there aren’t any nearby. Missing Time: Taylor, when using the Bone Carver’s shard. She can take knowledge from it but she won’t remember it or what she does with the knowledge. Mood Whiplash: Chapter 2.7 goes from Taylor playing Flying/Teleporting tag to being ambushed by the Bone Carver and being stabbed . Mooks: Taylor starts referring to regular gangsters as this later on. No Body Left Behind: Victor, the E88 cape, has his body turn to ashes as he falls into the Void when the Bone Carver slits his throat.

Celine Outlet Don’t forget Recky, an egg animal that resembles a monkey with bat wings! Lava Adds Awesome: Dino Mountain. Everything’s Better with Penguins: Clippen. Everything’s Better with Rainbows: Rainbow Gate. Everything’s Even Worse with Sharks: Well, not worse for you. You can ride the shark in question around Pirate Island, letting you avoid the issue of your Super Drowning Skills. Goggles Do Nothing: Chick only wears them because they look pretty on him. Gold Makes Everything Shiny Kangaroos Represent Australia: Rickol Pretty Butterflies Stuff Blowing Up: Specially if you have a Cypher around. Celine Outlet

Celine Bags Replica Alien Lunch: Unfortunately for Taketo, Kurabu isn’t the genius chef. Alliterative Name: Kurumi Kuroki better known as the chief, Beni Botan and, Kurabu Katsuyo All Men Are Perverts/All Women Are Lustful: And Taketo pretty much weaponized it. Awesome by Analysis: Mei Ax Crazy: Almost literally Replica Celine Handbags. Ran literally conjures an axe out of nowhere as a result. Bish Close up, Ritsu has eyelashes too long for a boy. Camera Fiend: Raika, the school’s genius camerawoman. Cat Girl: Misa, complete with Cute Little Fangs and the Verbal Tic of ” Nya”. Censor Steam: Goes overboard to the point where over half the screen can be covered, at least in the broadcast version. Clingy Jealous Girl: Raika invokes this trope subtly from time to time, especially regarding Fukune and Utae. Both Fukune and Utae feel this way when they see Taketo hanging out with the other. Crouching Moron Hidden Bad Ass: Taketo is usually a Butt Monkey, but his words have helped out several of the girls, and in others, distracted them enough that they helped him escape from a potential beatdown, or allowed another girl to beat them up, such as during the Ran vs. Botan wrestling match. Curtains Match the Window: Taketo and Ran. Cute Clumsy Girl: Kurabu Cute Sports Club Manager: Kurabu Katsuyo the genius manager. Da Editor: Resident school newspaper editorial chief, Chief. She doesn’t resemble your average Cigar Chomper, but when she wants an article, boy, you had better give it to her. Does This Remind You of Anything?: Everything that Taketo writes is pretty much Double Entendre, since he’s a H novelist. This is unintentional, from his point of view, and nobody can take him seriously. However, when some of the characters decide to read what he actually writes, the “suggestions” fly over them. Mai’s exorcist “dance”. Everyone Calls Him “Barkeep”: The newspaper chief: Kurumi, is known only as Chief. Fanservice: Largely averted in the broadcast version due to the copious amounts of Censor Steam. But you could always do like Taketo and use your imagination. Or get the DVD. Festival Episode/Hot Springs Episode: Episode 10 Freeze Frame Bonus: When Taketo was hit with the rock in his dream, there is an image of a girl with slightly visible panties. Fortune Teller/Waif Prophet: Misa Gainaxing: The Chief and Utae. Happens a lot in the Ran vs Botan fight And in episode 7Taketo: “Boing, Boing, Boing” Celine Bags Replica

Celine Replica handbags Oliver London (Craig’s main surgical rival at St. Eligius) and Robert Wade (Dr. Wade’s husband). Hollywood Tourette’s: One Very Special Episode featured a homeless woman with Tourette’s who spewed profanity and racial slurs. Hospital Gurney Scene: All the time. I Have This Friend.: Erlich tries this one a lot. Instrumental Theme Tune: Composed by Dave Grusin. Intercontinuity Crossover: Several, which raises some interesting questions. It Is Not Your Time: Wayne Fiscus’ near death experience after being shot by an ER patient Celine Replica handbags.