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uk canada goose IDK. This one is here because she been out there, she dated, she seen the canada goose outlet sale men out there, and she is scared shitless that Dan DivorcedDad is the best she can do. uk canada goose

Dan has a job, but pays roughly half his income to his ex wife in child support, has a brat daughter who will be the OP in 25 years, a juvenile delinquent son who failing the 8th grade, and a bitch ex wife who won let him see them. He lives in a small house and is barely making ends meet.

canada goose coats She was crying because that a biological reaction to a man calling a woman out. It to prevent the man from killing her. Women learned this over thousands of years to keep men from killing them when they were called out on the carpet on something. canada goose coats

I told her that would not be possible, but that I would pay out the six months left on her lease so she could stay there and give her some money to help by until she gets a new job. I left very quickly afterwards.

Canada Goose sale He got off light. She should take the money, say “thank you” and quietly hang her head and leave this man life, and be thankful he didn put those porn vids out on blast to goose outlet canada her parents and friends. Canada Goose sale

Of course she didn $he having $ome trouble accepting thi$. The gravy train left the station for the last time, and she just got kicked off. She cheap canada goose also scared to death he will send the videos to canada goose outlet store quebec her parents, family and friends.

canada goose coats on sale Men, what you are seeing here is the unvarnished female response to judgment and rejection. I am telling you women cannot handle judgment and rejection. They cannot handle it. They cannot fathom that any man would ever reject them. They cannot comprehend any man judgment. canada goose coats on sale

One of her friends confronted me at Starbucks yesterday and said I was being “a canada goose victoria parka outlet judgmental asshole” and canada goose outlet uk fake “throwing the relationship away”.

canada goose clearance sale Sticking up for the sisterhood. Team Woman uber alles. All the time, every time. All women circle the wagons around a wounded woman. canada goose clearance sale

Her father even left me a voicemail asking to talk.

Yeah, um, sir, canada goose outlet online store do you really want to hear what I have to say? Or, rather, you don want to see what I could show you. Would you like to know how your daughter afforded that BMW back when she was 23?

When I woke up this morning I had several missed calls from her and her friends+family.

canada goose factory sale Uh huh. Hi, not my in laws. Would you really like to know why we broke up? Really? Here, I show you. canada goose factory sale

If people ask why the wedding and engagement were called off I just be telling them personal reasons.

You a prince. Seriously, respect from me. Most men would not have been nearly so accommodating.

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I was accused of rape by a girl I was sleeping with. She felt scorned after a night where she came over and I didn want to have the kind of kinky sex she wanted. Not because I wasn into it, it just that she was becoming very weird and bossy and it was turning me off.

A few days later a detective got in touch with me and asked me to canada goose outlet uk sale come down to the station. I did. Like a dummy, I declined my right to an attorney and let the detective interview me without representation.

The upside is that I soon realized he wasn buying the accusation to begin with. I told him exactly what had happened, and he apparently must have known a few things too because he shook his head at some point.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale He told me to go home and cautioned me about having sex with girls I didn know well enough. I came back to the station with some printouts of emails that cleared me since in there she was talking about that night and making it clear it had been consensual, but not what she wanted. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

buy canada goose jacket Detective told me to go home and relax. She called me some days later and I tried to record the conversation but it didn work. I also had a panic attack days later and didn know what was happening to me. Drove myself to the ER and collapsed. That was a hefty medical bill. It only years later I realized this was all linked to the stress of that accusation. buy canada goose jacket

Thankfully I never heard a peep again from the police, and then I made sure to never hear from her ever again. I had a flat a few weeks later, looked like someone stabbed one of my tires. I suspect that was her. Worth the $200 or so it cost me to replace that tire.

For years afterwards I had nightmares about it. I good now, but that was quite the lesson in learning not to stick your dick in crazy.

EDIT: That last sentence above is what you need to take away from my story. I also happen to know a lot of women, and at least half of them were raped. The guy got away with it. So don use my story to advance any bullshit MRA canada goose coats uk agenda, for instance. I official canada goose outlet should add that even before I provided the emails, the detective had seen right through the accuser and knew she was full of shit. He followed up with me out of duty, because that was his job. It was a very shitty experience for me, but I not a victim. It unbalanced, and unstable. I can really see this causing major problems in the military, the crucible of male disposability where servicemen are routinely taken to the cleaners in divorces by predatory thots. If these men lose their families, their money, and their property then what is left for them to fight for? The same system that took it all away from them?

This just code for “being such an insufferable bitch that no man would want to be near you for longer than it takes to bust a nut in your diseased snatch.”.