A surprising amount of patch comes out on me when I spray this on my wrist. I certainly don’t mind. The blueberry note is definitely the star player, but initially I don’t sense much of the muffin, more like blueberry juice made from North American blueberries (Vaccinum cyanococcus), not Nordic bilberries (Vaccinum myrtillus).

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MONEY made multiple attempts to email and call 2nd Time Around for comment, using contact info on the company website, but was unsuccessful. The consignment chain was owned by venture capital firm General Equity Capital, according to Crain New York Business; Kristin Kohler Burrows became CEO and president in 2014. But the investment firm phone number is disconnected, and it couldn be reached.

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About SJP was founded in February 2014 by Sarah Jessica Parker and partner George Malkemus III. The accessories collection stems from Sarah Jessica love for the single sole and vivid memories of New York City fashion in the latter part of the 70s. Within Bellagio are award winning dining experiences including two AAA Five Diamond restaurants, Julian Serrano Picasso and Le Cirque from the renowned Maccioni family.