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I won’t say he was rude but kinda weird. I was moncler usa in Vegas to visit a friend of mine. However, I was always a huge fan of Penn and Teller. moncler outlet woodbury So I booked tickets to their show, and decided to do something real cheap moncler nice. I drew pictures of them and had them in frames and stuff. After the show they usually meet moncler outlet prices and greet the people cheap moncler jackets while they are leaving. I ran into to Mr. Teller first since he was closer to my side. I believe he wasn’t in a good mood that day, honestly. He was so rushed that it was obvious moncler womens jackets he wanted to get the cheap moncler jackets womens hell out of there. After I took a picture with him I showed him his gift. I kinda wanted to take picture of him holding it as a memory, I really was looking forward to it. moncler outlet online He acted surprised for like two seconds, and then gave the gift to the bodyguard next to him and rushed things so I leave him alone lol. I went to penn, took picture with him, and handed him his gift. He was super super nice and humble, he even showed it to the people were standing. He then hand shook me, I could’ve easily asked for a picture of him discount moncler jackets holding the drawing but I didn’t because I’m a perfectionist and would feel something is missing since I didn’t get a picture of Teller holding it. I’m still a big fan of both of them. I refuse to Judge Teller for that, although my friends strongly disagree with that since they were there and seen it all. The dude is old and there were few people and it must be exhausting to do his work, so it wasn’t a big deal for me. I still want to see their show again and meet them again, if possible. I admire people who bring joy to others, as this is what they are doing.

I assigned personal experience essays to 8th graders and it was very enlightening. The school I worked at uk moncler sale was known for having wealthy kids and many teachers complain the biggest problem our students have cheap moncler coats mens are largely superficial.

This may be true for many students, but definitely not all. I have a set of twins (a boy and a girl) and she wrote about their parents recent divorce. Their father was already living with his new girlfriend and her kids. The girl wrote about how miserable she felt and uncomfortable in her home, so she preferred to stay with their mom. However, she missed her moncler outlet store twin brother on the weekends.

She really appealed to my emotional side and I was in tears by the end of it. I started noticing more during car rider duty that she and her brother would arrive separately.

Another boy wrote about missing his mom. She moved to Texas and left him and his older brother with their grandparents. Now they see her posting pictures cheap moncler jackets mens on Facebook of her “new family.”

Perhaps the most shocking essay came from moncler uk outlet a girl who informed me that her older brother is in prison for the murder of his girlfriend.

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I was teaching an moncler online store intro course in creative writing, and the assignment was to write short story in which a bad situation didn turn out as expected.

I had a (male) student bring a story to workshop (meaning he knew he would be reading the entire thing to the class) about getting lost in the woods with his (also male) best friend and moncler sale then having really kinky sex with him. There were several paragraphs about what it like to be anally penetrated.

Unrelated, but today I got an e mail from a student that said, “I cannot attend class today because I have a moncler sale online hemorrhoid. I think it on the inside.”

You be surprised how open some students can be.

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My poor little cat was attacked by something and had half his tail ripped off. He was rushed to the vet and they gave him a cute bob tail. I gee him up about how good it is now he hasn got a tail holding him back and how he a mighty bob cat now. it wasn enough, he started to groom like made and plucked his belly bald. Gave himself a nice balding ring around his belly and back, scratched his ears and throat raw. He was a mess. I felt horrible. I was a mess. So, we went back to the vet and we learned that Nanni Boy was having some mad anxiety. I sure the trauma of the vet visit didn help at all.

Vet prescribed some magical cat anti depressant/relaxant, and only a tiny bit, like a quarter of a tablet.

The change in Nanni temperament was overnight. He chilled the fuck out, stopped trying to scratch himself to death and wanted to cuddle a lot. Might be worth speaking to a vet if your cat is anxious. Make sure there no other animals or people giving cheap moncler sale your cat a hard time and spend a lot of time reassuring them that your their person. Lots of pats and cuddles.

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My male cat is cheapmoncler very skittish timid, especially for loud noises if strangers are around. He is very loving to my SO me though. He always meows is lovey dovey when he is hungry, even after i given him food. It like he forgets i gave him, or comes to ask permission to eat again 🙂

He goes outdoors roams. I notice every now then a puddle of pee, usually after hearing other cats fight, or if another cat is in our yard. We have a dog he is fine with him, even affectionate playful.

The lady that i adopted him from had young kids, maybe they mishandled the litter of kittens.

Do as many water changes as you can, if you have Seachem Safe (Prime is the liquid version), add a spoonful. It is safe to overdose should help neutralise any nitrites/nitrates.

Water changes will help prevent ammonia spikes deaths. Also, take note that uk moncler outlet the more moncler outlet water in a tank, the more stable the system will be (a 20gal tank will experience ammonia pH spikes more often / more readily than a 60gal tank).

With feeding, don go by what the food label says. Give enough food that your fish can eat in 30 seconds, you can feed twice a day. More than that a lot of the food will go to waste. Also, a tip i read the other day. switch off your filters when feeding, as a lot of food ends up getting sucked into the filter. This is just a waste means you have to clean your filter more often.