Finding ways to market vacant land, whether you’re an investor or a real estate agent, requires making prospective buyers see the potential in the wide open space the property offers. Start by stressing the amenities that already exist on the property. Describe the views or natural landmarks and mention improvements such as incoming power lines, wells, or water and sewage lines to help convince interested buyers to take a closer look at the property..

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Replica Designer Valentino Bag Time savings was the least of my concern. It was reproducibility I was looking for. Accuracy could have been greater if I had of been more patient. It sits on land that was expropriated from the Temelini family in the early 1960s to be used as a flood plain. (Erik White/CBC )’Other avenues’ to deal with concerns, city saysJason Ferrigan, the city’s director of planning, told the committee that Temelini’s concerns are not specifically planning related, and said the concerns can be addressed through “other avenues.”Temelini said he wasn’t going to stop at the planning committee.”I’ll appeal to the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board), or I’ll get more legal opinions and advice and have a hearing there,” Temelini said. “If that doesn’t work, we’ll go to court and let a court decide.”Carl Jorgensen, the general manager of Conservation Sudbury told CBC News earlier this week that the majority of the property was “purchased for flood plain purposes and that still is the case Replica Valentino Handbags.”As for Temelini’s issue with the development of the land, Jorgensen said “we just see it as someone with an opinion.”Temelini said he was still open to offers from the city or Conservation Sudbury, with the hopes that the land, if not used for its original purpose, is returned to his family Replica Designer Valentino Bag.