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One burglary leads to another, and they eventually come to the attention of the local mob boss, Don Fanucci, who wants his cut of their loot. Rather than comply, Corleone follows Fanucci home and murders him in his apartment. It’s the first of many murders that he will commit or order in his long life of crime..

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That’s a huge swing against the regulatory state in like this favor of more freedom, both social and economic. Yet, Mr. Rahn sees no evidence of support for “small government.”. I have no foresight on the market to tell if this is a valid observation, but I imagine (hope) it one that was considered in pre planning.Plus, in a more personal opinion, a remake less tied down to a remaster has chances to really tie in lore that would have come later. Likely faster, but that is still a lot of assets to redo regardless. It certainly make things trivial on the dev side since the graphics budget for PS2 graphics on PS4+ hardware would be practically unlimited.More importantly, IDK if the consumer side of the would accept this given the image of FF.

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It hard to imagine it being possible to store enough food for many people to survive a winter lasting more than one season, and then to think that the survivors from those few that did survive being fertile and productive enough to repopulate an entire civilization in a relatively modest amount of time, only to die back from another winter in short order. It just doesn add up.Now, I realize there artistic license. But there also would have been away of getting around this in this setting.

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