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]]> Migrants being loaded on to a moncler outlet jackets cargo plane in Kufra. Credit: Rebecca Murray/IPSWhat is the relationship between migration and development? And why do people choose to leave or stay in their home countries? Those are among the questions an international research project will explore.The project, estimated to cost about 5 million euros, is the largest ever EU funded research project on migration.It will be Ledheaded by the Peace Research Institute (PRIO) in Norway, cheap moncler coats in collaboration with research communities in both Europe, Africa and Asia, a. A Cheap Moncler Jackets moncler jackets outlet total of 36 researchers will be involved in this research project.”We will contribute to long term solutions to migration challenges, among other things, by looking at the links between Europe immigration policy and development policy”, says PRIO researcher and project manager Jorgen Carling to IPS.Should I stay or should I go?Among the questions the researchers are asking is what it takes for people to want to stay and create a future moncler outlet uk in their home countries.The connection between migration and development is essential in developing constructing a more effective and sustainable migration moncler outlet store policy, and tackle the challenges and opportunities that migration brings, Carling states believes.The researchers will also take a closer look cheap moncler jackets at the term is not as simple as it sounds, because more development has proven to create more migration, not less. We going to analyze this gap and figure out what going on”, says Carling.”We will try to understand how different types of changes work. Development is often used as a collective term for all possible social changes in a positive direction, but in reality some things can be better, for example more prosperity. At the same time, crime can increase, as well as the gap between the poor and the rich,” cheap moncler he adds.Important piece in political gameThe project will start in September.”I am looking forward to using research in a way that can create a better policy. We sure to get new knowledge”, says cheap moncler jackets sale Carling, who acknowledges that research probably is just a piece in the political game on moncler outlet online migration.”But it an moncler factory outlet important piece”, he emphasizes.Related Articles”A Map and Plan”: When Greener Pastures End in a Blazing DesertFor Many Migrants, No Land Is Sweeter Than HomeSenegalese Returnees from Libya, Niger Face Uncertain FutureThe post EU Funds Giant Research Project on Migration appeared first on Inter Press Service. Well, it is time to look at reality. If we put on cheap moncler outlet the glasses of people who have seen their level of income reduced and are afraid of the future, Trump [ post Trump is Here to Stay and Change the World appeared first on Inter Press Service.]]> By Roberto SavioROME, Jun 18 2018 (IPS)Donald John Trump, 45th and current president of the United States, has been seen in many illustrious circles as an anomaly that cannot last. Well, it is time to look at reality.If we put on the glasses of people who have seen their level of income reduced moncler outlet and are afraid of the future, Trump is here to stay, and he is a result and not a cause.In his year and a half of government, Trump has not lost one of his battles. He has changed the political discourse worldwide, established new standards of ethics in moncler sale outlet politics, a new meaning of democracy, and his electoral basis has not been shrinking at all.His critics are the media (which a large majority of Americans dislike), the elite (which is hated) and professionals (who are considered to be profiting at the expense of the lower section of the middle class).There is now a strong divide with the rural world, the de industrialised parts of the United States, miners with their mine closed, etc. In addition, white Americans feel increasingly threatened by immigrants, minorities, corporations and industries which have been using the government to their advantage. At every election their number shrinks by two percent.Let us not forget that Trump was elected by the vote of the majority of white woman, in a country which is the bedrock of feminism.I know that this could create some irate reactions. The United States is home to some of the best universities in the world, the most brilliant researchers as shown by the number of Nobel prizes awarded, very good orchestras, libraries, museums, a vibrant civil society, and so on. But the sad reality is that those elites count, at best, for no more than 20 percent of the population.

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