All production since the moment of the company founding is in Canada at the moment. The highest quality warm jackets, pants and other clothing are created by people who know what a harsh climate is not by hearsay. The company continually improves, trying to offer its customers the most advanced technologies..

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canada goose coats While some shoppers are counting down the last few days before Chelsea new Barneys opens, others are keeping their eyes on Midtown where an opening date has been set for New York City first Saks Off 5th location. Eyebrows were raised when it was announced only a few months ago that the luxury department store outlet chain would open right in the middle of full price territory on East 57th Street, a mere seven blocks uptown from the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship at 50th and Fifth. Now we have learned that not only will the store will open on Thursday March 3rd, but it will contain the first of what is expected to be several in store Gilt boutiques in Off 5th locations (rendering pictured above) canada goose coats.