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canada goose store Much less, in fact, than your average stud back, as Kamara got just 201 touches as a rookie but was exceptionally efficient, averaging a league leading 6.1 yards per carry and a gaudy 10.2 yards per reception, with 13 total TDs. Those rate stats simply must come down, but possibly not drastically as Kamara could conceivably be a slightly bulkier version of Jamaal Charles, and he’s in line for more touches this year, especially as Mark Ingram sits out the first four games with a suspension. Hunt managed to right the ship just in time to show he wasn’t a flash in the pan, closing the season strong and winning the NFL’s rushing crown, albeit with the fewest yards (1,327) to top the league since Barry Sanders took the title with 1,304 rushing yards in 1990 canada goose store.