The official said that while the fingerprints of the dead attacker matched those of the robbery suspect, who identified himself at the time as Ali Sallah of Casablanca, Morocco, the assailant in Thursday attack appeared older than 20. 15, 2015, police raid in the eastern city of Verviers that foiled a suspected plot by Islamic extremists. Two returnees from Syria were killed in that action, and a third arrested..

How exactly this happens is something of a mystery. “We have a lot of ideas but not a definite answer,” says Dr. Jennifer Long, assistant professor of head and neck surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. The news media tends to focus on the worst: natural disasters, political squabbles, murder, mayhem. This makes people tune in, but it can also make the world seem like a terrible place. We can counteract the despair this might trigger by taking concrete steps to remind ourselves that things aren’t all bad all the time.

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