“They infected. Likely because of some cold or flu you had recently, that got nasty real quick.” I shook my head in disbelief. My parents had told me that I had gotten them removed; one of many hundreds of surgical operations I had over the years. I am grateful that I’ve shouldered these responsibilities with my brother (who doesn’t live close to Dad either); my brother and I tag team being caregivers.Once my plane touched down in the Sunshine State my father’s needs were my 24/7 reason for being, and caregiving had its challenges. When I returned from these trips, I had to jump back into my life at a full run, so I researched advice for caregivers and a list on Today’s Health and Wellness resonated with me. As my caregiving time in Florida rolled along, I noticed myself incorporating certain essentials to maintain my own well being.Here’s a list of what helped me so I could better help my dad.1.

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