canada goose This App Lets You Use Siri To Pay Your Rent Instantly Nick Hughes, So Entrepreneurial Mar. 12, 2012, 9:47 AM Siri is an amazing step forward in computing technology. So is Seconds. Seconds enables customers direct interaction and transaction with merchants through the mobile web. When a consumer attaches their payment credentials to their Seconds account, they have effectively transformed their phone into a transactional device. With Seconds, people can send quick messages and easily make transactions with merchants using the service. Even more cool, because Seconds is driven through text messaging, if a person is holding an iPhone 4S they can use Siri to complete the mobile transactions with Seconds by simply saying the keyword. Here’s how it works when you imagine a scenario such as paying rent, which is something we are set to pilot test in Seconds this month. When rent is due, all you have to do is: You say:Send a message to landlord “Pay Rent”Siri says: OK , here’s your message to your landlord: “Pay rent.” Are you ready to send it?You say: YesSiri says: message sent Two seconds later you receive a text “Your account has been charged $1,200 for your rent. That’s it! Your rent is paid