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canada goose coats on sale I long after holding it underwater and adding to it in previous 7.8k Bart. SL just under 7.8k.No telling where this will go, but looks like we can swing around between canada goose factory sale 7.8 and 8.3 until buy canada goose jacket we get there. Perhaps you can get lucky cheap Canada Goose and at least not lose on your short.Moment of canada goose clearance sale truth is if and when we head sideways or upwards into the downward trend log resistance within days, and the november/february support turned resistance that is crossing that on the 21st.At that time pick a side. As we Canada Goose Outlet get there we maybe see which side is more likely. But betting on a break up buy canada goose jacket cheap has much Canada Goose Coats On Sale better RR right now. I give up on a long and find a uk canada goose new long entry if uk canada goose outlet we go below 7.8. But I don have any clear spots where I would want to take the loss on a short, nor add to it. If this thing breaks up, it might go canada goose uk outlet far away. Since I been a believer of 7.8 support, that short you have is/was only potentially worth a small scalp to me.It probably not such a gamble to target breaking even. You could scale out for small loss.Probably a big risk to expect anything more out of it.I wouldn put stops at 8530, that a big pointless loss, I could canada goose consider scaling into a new short there though.Up to you of course. If you close it now because of my own sentiment, we both Canada Goose Jackets know that means the price will plummet on next candle ;)Arbitrage: Assume ETH/BTC, BTC/USD, and canadian goose jacket ETH/USD are all in equilibrium. If I trade around the triangle I end up with the same amount I started with.Now, say I sell 100 ETH for BTC. In response, ETH/BTC goes down, but BTC/USD and ETH/USD remains constant. It is now favorable to perform a triangle arbitration. A bot could (and they do) try to force the market back into equilibrium by trading ETH > USD > BTC > ETH canada goose black friday sale until the opportunity closes, gaining a little bit salecanadagooseoutlets of ETH every time since the ETH/BTC canada goose uk shop ratio is low in relation to the other two ratios.So that arbitrage. However, it doesn have a sale canada goose outlets 1:1 effect in that the 100 ETH traded to BTC doesn have nearly the same effect on the BTC/USD ratio as trading the equivalent amount of fiat into BTC. Sept 6k log support is currently around the 8.5 canada goose clearance 8.6 zone with the ATH resistance just above it. There a chance we go test those in the coming days after today decent bounce.But there still a large chance today ends up just being a blip in canada goose coats the radar before we continue down, even if we do chop around a bit more. Nothing truly major has changed from my previous posts other than the daily stoch RSI looks slightly more likely to remain oversold and canada goose uk black friday ignore the fact that it crossed.When I opened my phone and saw the red candle that had settled my bids it Canada Goose online was one of those “oh shit” moments of truth but glad it has worked out. I find that more profitable trades tend to have a moment like that, if you in comfort at the beginning you probably missed the boat already. Anyway, as I had posted here the other day Canada Goose Online a few times, I had a lot of faith on canada goose store 7800 support and preemptively bet on that.The bart back up from there saw a huge momentary premium and already took half of the profits at 8250, which was everything added in plan B. The other half Canada Goose Parka from canada goose coats on sale plan A is a profit taking ladder spread out between 8350 and 9350.Just been juggling the stop loss around for the last 30 hours, which has now been moved up to just under 7800, which would still eat most of the profits. This is for certain, that what works for one might not work for the other. At the end, what matters is if cheap canada goose uk you are making gains canada goose coats on sale.