“My aim was never to get big,” he says. “It was to get fit to be stronger, faster, more elite.” He is relentlessly positive, sometimes bafflingly so. “Everyone complains about this and that in jail,” he tells me. Broke after living off charity funds all her life, she readily accepts a cash payment to make an appearance at a meeting of the Kill Club; a group specialising in murder mysteries and who have a particular interest in the case of her family namely because they do not believe her brother was the killer. While sceptical of their thoughts, she soon agrees to help them pick apart what happened, re visiting her memories of that fateful night and even seeing her brother for the first time since his trial.Continue: Dark Places ClipsLibby Day is a young woman, still permanently scarred from the events of her childhood. As a 7 year old girl living in Kansas, she witnessed the brutal slaughter of her family, only weeks after discovering a bizarre interest of her brother Ben’s and evidence that he practiced Satanism.

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