Obama squandered a big opportunity

Editor’s Note: Shadi Hamid is director of research at the Brookings Doha Center and a fellow at moncler outlet prices the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at cheap moncler jackets womens the Brookings Institution.

It was frustrating to watch President Obama give a speech that proved cheap moncler jackets underwhelming and relatively pedestrian. There is something to be said for grasping the gravity of a historic moment.

By this standard, and moncler outlet sale many others, Obama fell short. To be sure, President Obama said many of the right things, but no one ever doubted that he could say them. What was in doubt was his administration’s ability (and willingness) to translate those pledges and promises into real policy changes on the ground.

It is unclear whom the speech was addressed to to Americans, to Arabs, or just simply to Americans who happened to be in Washington. The speech had a little bit for everyone, but not enough for anyone to be uk moncler outlet satisfied.

One suspects that this is a problem of political style more than anything else. In moncler outlet woodbury his desire to please, Obama seems doomed to disappoint.

By not saying anything offensive, he manages to offend all constituencies equally. talking points.

In the Middle cheap moncler coats mens East, Arab leaders will not like the speech for its full throated support for democratic change. Arab revolutionaries will not like it for, well, a lot of reasons.

So we are back to where we were before: very few moncler sale outlet actors, on either side of this divide, see Obama as a reliable partner. Where President Bush inspired hatred in the region, Obama, increasingly, seems to provoke indifference. In failing to capture the imagination of the most critical audience Arabs Obama, cheap moncler sale in his “big” speech, squandered a big opportunity.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of Shadi Hamid. to impose their beliefs on them and the last time I moncler outlet recall a man with a goal to shape a world was Adolf Hitler (Not that I believe he comes close to comparing to Hitler.)

Second of all; What about our people and our current struggles? He wants to send more money to these nations when we ourselves are currently struggling.

Thirdly: He states moncler outlet that America was founded on the belief that people should govern themselves. Well we are quite far from governing ourselves. The corporations/rich control America.

May 19, 2011 at 4:42 pm Reply

I feel sorry for Obama that he has a hard time to speak out like Bush did, which sometimes brought him nothing but embarassment. Having studied law Obama is so extremely cautious with every word he utters. In his speech it was blatantly clear moncler sale that he wanted to re win the confidence of the Arabs, after having been criticised for its inconsistent politics in the region. conducts and however laudable it may be, it just turns out to be uk moncler sale a double edged sword and things could go terribly wrong. It not all America fault, it takes two to make things happen. The chemistry of these two cultures don seem to bland very well. The question is, how much we need the Middle East and how much the Arabs need us.

May 19, 2011 at 5:50 pm Reply

Right ON James! All 3 points deserve emphasis and re reading esp 2nd and 3rd!

Corporations Must be held criminalyy accountable (when deals are made / found guilty), corporate (and quasi corp agents) spending and activities influencing the Congress and the highest CourtS must be Restrained, And The People Must Act by moncler uk outlet relentlessly notifying our Federal and State representatives of Our Needs, Desires, and recommend solutions / Legislative Actions!! Peace to All!!

May 20, 2011 at 10:07 am Reply

and what about Jews not having access to their sacred wall where they moncler womens jackets want to cheap moncler jackets mens practice their beliefs? What about moncler outlet store the fact that Jews were the ORIGINAL occupants of that region? what about the fact that Jews in Israel are constantly in fear of terrorism that comes from Palestinians who are claiming to enter the city for The point is they have no real work, they/you are deprived economically because they have failed to accept their loss organize as a nation, build infrastructure, educate proceding genearations. All of these factors lead your people into a state of permanent psychological frustration for not being competent enough to compete and contirbute to modernized world, you are too busy feeling sorry for yourself and begging for your land instead of worrying about your place for prayer worry how to feed your children. Perhaps the issue is not the amount of territory but the general competence of a whole demographic, who instead of embracing modern concepts (education, capitalism, democracy, human rights, and just the plane consept of justice); instead you grip to your scripture and try to use them as political arson. Science will beat all religion, and soon it will be obsolete, and if that hostile and primative region does not follow suit it will become obsolete, it will happen organically and needless to say I would not mind expediting that process. It absurd to say that anyone trying to change the state of things is inherently evil. Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela of those people had visions to the world If you try to shape the world by promoting peace and love for discount moncler jackets your fellow man, well, that fine by me.

Second, we live in an increasingly globalized society. The world is getting smaller and smaller. As 9/11 and before that Pearl Harbor demonstrated, isolationism is not moncler sale online the solution to American problems. Problems with the rest of humanity often translate into problems within our own borders.

Third of all, while interest groups hold considerable sway in American politics, it once again absurd to claim that large corporations our best moncler jackets politics. Our politics are controlled by elections, and through them, the will of the people simply donate money to election campaigns.

May 22, moncler online store 2011 at 4:29 pm Reply

When he first spoke at the Democratic convention in 2004, I have supported and voted for President Obama. That is over. I am so angry at his demands from Israel, particularly that Israel revert to the pre 1967 borders, that I will never vote for the man again. If Israel would go back, which they won they would lose their most holy place: Jerusalem and that would be the end of religious freedom for all. Since I would rather choke than ever vote for a RepubliCANT again, I will simply not vote in 2012. The United States has attacked a country that never did a thing moncler outlet online to us, causing the death of untold thousands, ditto in Afghanistan. If an Arab so much as stubs his toe Arabs scream genocide! Arabs are members of Israel moncler usa Knesset, no Jew is ever permitted in Arab territory.

May 20, 2011 at 1:35 am Reply

I completley agree with you!! It is time for the world community to acknowledge that their indifference toward Jews is a manifestiation of their subconcious antisemitism. As far as I am concerned the whole world owes Israel and the remaining Jews, they were put their after a systematic and almost succesful annihaltion, Germany should be paying for all their militery expenses for that reason, but instead those cowards are now completley silent and infact are trying to prove themselves tolerant by opening their country to crowds of these extremists who refuse to learn the language, integrate, assimilate, and only depleate their social welfare system. You cannot undo what was done to the Jews by claiming newly found culutral tolerance, you cannot atone what has been https://www.cheapmoncler.com done till the chosen people are safe. passive aggression has never manifested in any assistance.