Tulisa fashion17:19, 21 JUL 2014N DubzTulisa gets a dramatic court make over. But she’s not exactly Nigella is she?Former X Factor judge Tulisa arrived at court this morning sporting a bouncy new hair do and a black suit but the Barbie curls, satsuma tan and cleavage set her worlds apart from Nigella LawsonTulisa fashionTulisa wears a VERY low cut dress for her pre birthday night out in IbizaShe’s had 25 years of dodgy leggings, classy dresses, N Dubz outfits and red carpet victories so we look back over her fashion highs and lowsTulisa fashionHappy birthday Tulisa as she turns 25, we look back over her life in styleShe’s had 25 years of dodgy leggings, classy dresses, N Dubz outfits and red carpet victories see all the pictures hereTulisa ContostavlosTulisa’s amazing Ibiza holiday continues with a trip to her “favourite rezzy”That’s what the cool people are calling restaurants now. We can barely keep up3amA style time line of Tulisa ContostavlosNigella LawsonThis sold out thing: Nigella Lawson’s dress, the Kate Middleton effect and ladies who launch a fashion frenzyOne wear and a dress tears into orbit thanks to these trend setting ladiesX Factor judgesShe’s electric: Geri takes on Tulisa in Lipsy in her first X Factor fash’ off!The tights are off as the X Factor judges kick of the auditions process in Liverpool.

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