“I had originally pictured a beautiful new set of boobs with an amazing mural of tattoos. But I now find that boobs are not essential to my beauty or femininity. The benefits of enduring another major surgery just aren’t there. It important to feel like you have a choice and that not every second of the trip has already been allocated.Holidays are expensive and leave from work is scarce, when people actually get to go on holiday they want to have some choice in what they do with that time. Having an afternoon with nothing planned can be the perfect time to relax and let people do exactly what they want.Nothing is more of a turn off than talking to someone who refuses to hear what you have to say, trust me there is always one in a group holiday.My advice is make sure you are not guilty of this by listening to what your friends have to say, after all they are wanting to share this holiday with you.You don’t have to like their choices and you don’t need to agree on everything. However, both parties can learn a lot if they remain civil and are willing to consider what the other is saying.Discuss what you want to do on the holiday, and what everyone else wants to do.

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