In choosing boots for hiking, you must grab backpacking boots. These are the kinds of boot that are really made for mountaineering purposes. But again, in choosing backpacking boots, there are some factors that you have to consider. The team also extends to include the services of a paediatric ophthalmologist and paediatric orthopaedic services for patient assessment and support when required. We work closely with local colleagues in Kings Lynn, Great Yarmouth/Gorleston, Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich, to provide rheumatology care for our paediatric population. We also have strong links with Cambridge University Hospital and the larger paediatric rheumatology centres in Birmingham, London and Nottingham.For the most part, care is provided within our ambulatory service; the Children Day Ward (CDW), the Children Assessment Unit (CAU) and the Jenny Lind Outpatients.

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