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Je lui fais juste comprendre que j pas eu 50 mille relations quoi, elle me dit qu faut que je lui prouve que je suis diffrent des autres mecs. Bref, avant d se coucher, elle m je relance de 2. Je suis pessimiste mais bon.. It’s ultimately up to them to get that help. There is absolutely a conditioning aspect where abusers basically groom their significant others into thinking they’re wrong and the abuse is brought on by them fucking up. There are also a lot of other factors too, such as money, shelter, children, etc.

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Lt. Doug Rideout, a booking officer at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility in Massachusetts, says he can recall more than one inmate who was busted for pretending to be someone else. For example, one suspect who came in recently with an alias had fooled police and even the courts.

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