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Canada Goose sale 5. Sieve atta with salt and add water in steps to prepare a soft dough. Add drops of cooking oil while kneading and keep aside for around 20 minutes. Responding to the queries posed by media persons at an accountability court in Islamabad, Nawaz said Shahbaz had taken notice of Mashhood’s statement. When asked if Mashhood’s statement was party policy or not, he said, “You know better than me.”Hamza Shehbaz too strongly rejected any notion of the PML N being involved in backdoor negotiations with any quarters and said any news or views regarding any deal were outright lies. “Even vendors on the street say they voted for PML N and express their surprise at them [PTI] coming into power.”Meanwhile, Mashhood, talking to media outside Punjab Assembly, said he was disappointed by the manner in which his interview was spun without context to the question by the news channel and he had used the world “deal” Canada Goose sale.