These dynamics make this a key moment in our political economy, especially with 2016 around the corner. Here’s what I think is a potent analogy. Back in 2000, the budget was in surplus to the tune of around $240 billion, more than 2% of GDP. Egypt wanted to be in the forefront not cheap michael jordan shoes only because of the radical differences with Qatar because of the Muslim Brotherhood, but also because Cairo wants to cheap jordans china highlight the special relationship with President Trump and comply with his call for fighting terror. However, Egypt’s involvement in the Gulf crisis has complicated it, and the non Gulf countries that have severed ties with Qatar are a burden in terms of the efforts to resolve the crisis. It is possible the confrontation with Qatar may further expand albeit military measures remain off the table to the extent that it risks becoming a problem as complex as Yemen, with consequences for the entire people of the Gulf region including expats..

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