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When discussing what this object could possibly be, the first thing they say is that it could be created by a natural phenomena that we don know about yet. But then they say the description matches well with a light sail.Think about this. Their conclusion is that it is pancake shaped, 100 of meters across, and at most 1 mm thick.

One of the popular legends surrounding the sanatorium concerns “the draining room”, which was supposedly a room used to prepare the bodies for lighter and easier transport through the death tunnel. Since there was no cemetery at Waverly, and the locals were afraid of the corpses transmitting the disease through their town, the dead were hung on poles to replica hermes drain them of all body fluids. Despite extensive paranormal activity witnessed time and again by various ghost hunters, and the presence of eight large spear headed poles hermes replica bracelet in the draining room, this legend has been touted as false high quality replica hermes belt by skeptics who state the quadrant operated only as the transformer room..

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