Life ticks on, regardless of if you do or not, don settle for regrets, there is nothing worseyou are more than what you wear think of your life up to now as a tribute to these incredible musicians who helped define us all in many ways. Your life from here on out can be a tribute, too; you know Chris Cornell was a kind and charitable man who always put others first; he had many humble personality traits that are worth emulating. Of course you sad; I grieving harder for him than i did when my own mother died BECAUSE HE GAVE SO MUCH.

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In New York, 20 people were killed in a tragic limo crash. A lot of people first heard about it from the headlines they saw. If something bad happens to a lot of adults, and newlyweds were among them, then they are routinely singled out for our mourning, as if their lives were more valuable, and their deaths are more tragic, than everyone else’s.

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Since Mangal and his family are neither Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, nor those displaced from Kashmir, nobody has the time or inclination to pay attention to their plight. The doctors who conducted the post mortem on the children were shocked to see that their fat levels had crashed to zero. Or in other words, despite the absence of any food in their stomachs, their fat levels had kept them alive for a few days.

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