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People started rushing to encounter sites to save trapped militants. Dozens were killed while trying to disrupt security operations. Funerals of dead militants saw massive pro Azadi crowds. More than that, time to adjust. Less, leave it alone unless you making match grade ammo for long range work. Bonus points if you validate your check weight on a really good calibrated lab scale..

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Katie Pratt, a corn and soybean farmer from northern Illinois, sold her first market calf when she was 8 years old. “His name was Justin, and he was my best friend. We went to the fair and I got a blue ribbon,” she recalls almost wistfully. Police body camera recordings earlier made public showed officers using explosives to blast through the door of a 32nd floor hotel suite to find Paddock dead on the floor from a self inflicted gunshot. There were 23 assault style weapons, including 14 fitted with rapid fire “bump stock” devices, strewn about the room and a revolver near Paddock’s body. Eight incendiary rounds were directed at an aviation fuel tank at the nearby airport.

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