Hilda Driedger Scholarship For more information about the COMMUNITY AWARDS PROGRAM, please contact Bree Urkow of the U of A Augustana Development Office at 780 679 1131. Donors $2,000+ Years of Support Alberta Blue Cross 16 Battle River Credit Union Ltd. 42 The Camrose Canadian 42 Torskeklubben/Sons of Norway Solglyt Lodge? Edmonton 12 Donors $1,000 $1,999 Dr W Garry (Gibber) and Dorothy Gibson Award in Nordic Sports (new supporter) Agriculture Financial Services Corporation 26 ATB Financial (Camrose) 40 Augustana Faculty English Professors 10 Augustana Students? Association 17 Battle River Community Foundation/ Elwin Grattidge Memorial Outdoor Education Bursary 6 Border Paving Ltd. They’re right; the Chiefs needed to show some urgency in that late game situation. Taking 4 1/2 minutes to move 38 yards and score only three points is awful in a crunch time situation. 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