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Seriously though, your argument is nonsense. Health officials sent letters to the family asking them to reduce scattered food at their home.. That is, everything, down to the atoms, would be ripped apart.. Our interactive map shows the forecast for every 5 square kilometers in the state. Turn the heat up to medium high and sautee all this for a few more minutes until you see a sear on your veggies.Now add your toasted grain back to the pan, add water or stock, cover with a lid, and simmer on low heat or medium low heat until it gets cooked.When cooked, garnish with lots of cilantro or diced scallions or toasted chopped almonds or all of the above!Because the grain is toasted and the veggies are seared separately, the texture will be a whole lot different than a clumpy soggy mass. Please understand that people come here because they want an informed response from someone capable of engaging with the sources, and providing follow up information. Common tendencies that make us our own worst enemies when investing include: selling winning investments too soon or holding onto losers for too long, loading up on too similar assets or failing to assess the future implications of today’s decisions.