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Kai: No one is suggesting that the AI could build an argument or build iphone 8 plus case marble personalised a case to be used in court, But the bread and butter of the law profession is the rather everyday boring task and AI is making fast inroads into this space and that is shown by a second article iphone 8 rubber phone case this week in The Next Web(TNW) Which reports iphone 8 plus case flower on a different AI a free platform that’s available iphone 8 case ulak developed by a Dutch entrepreneur which essentially does the same. That article muscle mass also notes some of the difficulties, Okay the Lawgeez case is important and it’s got a scientific study behind it. But red leather iphone 8 case obviously it’s portrayed in very positive light while this other article actually goes to some of the issues and the nitty gritty work in building such an AI platform,..